Trendy is NOT a bad word when we are talking kitchens.

The year is 2017 and home building/remodeling is at a place it has never been before. Exciting trends, unique materials, and endless personalization and choice. It is a phenomenal time to be in the design and remodeling field, and an even better time to be one of the trusted names in the business. KWUnlimited has been in this industry for over 43 years and we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to kitchen trends, window options and door customization. We have a lot of people come to us for some of these very reasons. The choices can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing what is perfect for your space, but let us assure you, our trusted designers know how to balance trendy and….just plain weird and not functional.

Our designers take into account YOUR space and needs before we ever push the newest and hottest products on you, but it helps to know that we have studied them. We know what is coming, what is out, and once we get to know you we pride ourselves in knowing we can find some great matches for you. If you are looking to remodel or start fresh and build, here are some of ‘trends’ we are seeing that we believe will transition well and keep you satisfied much longer than some of the weird fashion trends we have seen come and go. (Shoulder pads anyone?)


Whether you are in the market for a pop of color with a royal blue island, or an entire kitchen with smoky blue cabinets we can help you out. The Blue trend is here to stay and the possibilities are endless. Blue cabinets are similar to black in that they can benefit from warm accent notes, perhaps rust or beige with pink undertones. Choose a pale neutral for the kitchen walls or backsplash so as not to overpower your space.  Though it has been noted that darker hues can also offer a versatile look that easily contrasts well with almost any color- especially the lighter or brighter colors we mentioned earlier. This gives you so many options for your home decor items, hardware, kitchen appliances and more. Dark hues like Navy can seem rich and luxe while lighter hues like powder blue or a grey/blue can bring a calmness to your space.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Kitchens and Windows Unlimited
Photo Courtesy of Sebring Services.


The white trend has been around a long time now and still has an extremely steady following. The clean, crisp look of an all white space leaves decor options completely open for each owner’s design personality. You can add a pop of color (see below) or you can remain completely neutral and fresh. Layering white on white has seen a huge uptick as homeowners are opting for white backsplashes below white cabinets and above white countertops. White has a staying power that many clients have seen over the years, and they are looking for a “trend” that will last them through the years. White represents happiness, innocence, and cleanliness, and where else do you want those things than in your cooking and eating spaces? White can reflect light and make small spaces seem larger and large spaces seem…well….huge. You can pair any color with white and wood accents really shine in a white space. A butcher block countertop inside an all white kitchen can seem rich and inviting while a bright red island can invoke fun and excitement. Regardless of your accents with white, it is here to stay and timeless.

White Kitchen Cabinets Sioux Falls SD Kitchens and Windows Unlimited
Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor Home.


Nothing is more reflective of one’s own style than a pop of color in a neutral space, namely kitchens. You can showcase your luxe side, or highlight your playful side. You could interject serene blue or playful red cabinets on the lower portion of your cabinetry to show off your style and personality. A colorful countertop such as black granite or mixed media wood works wonders to show off your versatility and can be a decor tool as much as it is a functional asset to your kitchen. One of the more popular trends is adding a colorful kitchen island, this is being seen in more and more kitchens and can be as expressive as it is functional. Whether you want one for family breakfasts and homework gatherings, or cocktail mixing and bartending at your next party the design, functionality, and of course color are all up to you.

Different Color Kitchen Island Kitchens and Windows Unlimited Sioux Falls SD
Photo courtesy of Remodelng Kitchen.

These are just a SNAPSHOT of some of the trends we are seeing and designing in the showroom at KWU. Do you have something in mind that isn’t on this list? A trend you have heard of that you want to visualize and see transformed for your space? Then come see us, our specialty is you, the customer, and getting you the perfect design for you and your family.