Old & New. How a kitchen remodel incorporated history and family legacy.

Just south of Sioux Falls, there is a farmhouse situated between rows of hills and fields. Pulling in past the flag blowing in the South Dakota wind, you’re greeted by a hand carved bear holding the name HILL. Immediately a peace and calmness comes over you as you look around and hear silence. You can feel the history in the gravel you are walking on, the trees that are shading you, and the squeak of the screen door opening as the Hill family comes to greet you. This is where our latest kitchen remodel is being featured. 

More than a kitchen.

KWU has long boasted that they are more than Kitchens and Windows. More than doors and countertops. Pride in their work, loyalty to their clients, and value in their process makes them a choice unlike any other. A kitchen remodel for the Hill family exemplifies this message and reiterates the mission of putting clients first in all work. As easy as it would be to upload some before and after pictures of this project, we felt this client’s story was as much a part of the remodel as was the cabinet stain and countertop finish.

A legacy to build on.

The year is 1868 and Richard Hill’s great-great-great uncle, Simen Schiager, rides into present-day Lincoln County. He goes on to pay $14 for 160.24 acres of ground just northeast of what is now Canton. In 1909 the home we are working on was built. Years follow and generations of families go on to make memories in this home. All the while embracing the history and legacy they know came before them.Hill Kitchen Remodel Kitchens and Windows Unlimited

The home is a consistent reminder of past and present and their continuous intermingling. Antique stoves are steps away from brand new modern units. It was hard not to feel conflicted when it came to the antique portions of the home and the new upgrades. Though when asked, the Hill family was quick to interject with their favorite upgrades provided in this most recent remodel. Embracing that history in the walls, while making the space their own.

The remodel.

Nate Hill, the son of Richard and Linda Hill who are the 5th generation owners of this homestead, came to KWU with a mission. Richard and Linda needed a kitchen remodel. They were essentially a blank slate, knowing they needed something, but eager to figure out what that actually was. Nate remembers that going into the showroom, Linda spotted her countertop immediately. Formica High Def 180fx in Dolce Vita with a beveled edge.

Now that the countertops were chosen, they moved on to the cabinets. For this remodel the goal was a feeling of traditional warmth. Their space was going to include new and old wood work, so cohesiveness was key. In comes Koch Cabinets in Rustic Beech with a Briarwood stain. A black accent glaze was added to give depth and dimension, adding warmth and character to the kitchen. The Hills also opted to go with a notched edge on the side of their cabinets versus a traditional rounded edge. This carries the black accents outside of the door, but it also helps the door style look thicker and more substantial in your space. To hear even more detail about the look in this beautiful kitchen check out this video from designer Jesse Adams of KWU.


This remodel had features throughout, all serving their purpose to maximize space. When it comes to a remodel with KWU, they don’t want to sell you ALL the features for your kitchen. It will come down to how you use your space, what you are currently lacking, and useful solutions to solve those issues. Not everyone needs space for a double oven, maybe the most they have ever baked is a roll of sugar cookie dough bought at the store. Just like not everyone is going to need china storage, wine racks, or extra seating at the island. Each kitchen, and client, has needs that differs and makes them unique. This is why locally owned, customer focused care is so important in this industry.

A few of the features in this kitchen include: A larger storage cabinet for spices, oversized pan drawers, glass front storage for vintage glassware, wine Bottle and glass Storage, and a former closet remodeled to become a double sized storage pantry.


Family Legacy.

The story that came along with this remodel was one that will continue to be told. From the $14 purchase of the 160+ acres, to this custom kitchen remodel full of features tailored to their needs.  Decisions being made in this home are centered around family, legacy, and the rich history that weaves them all together. Intermingled with brand new appliances are reminders of where the Hill family came from and how they worked to where they are today. Kitchens and Windows Unlimited was honored to have been a part of this process for this family. We know this kitchen will be enjoyed for years to come, and generations to come.