Trusted Experience & Unlimited Possibility.

In today’s world you can walk into a variety of big department stores and get the tools and trinkets you need to complete everything from a new kitchen to an updated bathroom vanity. But do you know what they don’t sell at these stores?

Experience & Expertise

Kitchens and Windows Unlimited has been around for over 43 years. We are the Sioux Falls and surrounding area’s most trusted kitchen and window distributor since 1973. Standing behind our reputation is as important as backing up our work and showmanship. The work we do is more than the assembly and installation, it is about a trade that has been passed on from generations. A trade that inspires us to become better with each new trend and product. We don’t punch in and out as much we live for the work we do. It embodies who we are keeping us motivated to remain the best at our trade for you the customer, and the community we serve. We aren’t talking ‘just’ windows or doors, we are talking your expression and personality in the space you call home. We know home is more than just 4 walls and a few windows, just like KWU is more than a dealer and a supplier.

Dependability & Dedication

Hiccups are inevitable during the renovation or building process, we know this. We stress the importance of working with local experts through the process. We don’t want this process to be stressful for you-it takes all the joy out of it! KWU has made it our mission to study and work through every piece of the process with our clients. We want to ensure nothing gets missed and your project goes off without a hitch. Whether you are replacing a patio door or building a brand new house with 42 windows, we want you to feel important, taken care of, and satisfied.

Kitchens and Windows Unlimited Showroom Sioux Falls SD
Kitchens and Windows Showroom.

Tyler Lund, Operations Manager: “I would want them (our clients) to be happy at the end of course, but also to feel as though their project was the most important job we had going on at that point in time.”

Stability & Service

In 43 years we haven’t just gotten older! There are benefits to those years and one of them is stability. We have made a name for ourselves in the remodeling and building industry throughout Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities. A name that exemplifies stellar service for each and every client. Through the years we have watched what has happened throughout the industry, helping us morph and change to align with current needs of our customers, builders, dealers, and our communities. It has been said that “service is dead” in our generation and we would have to disagree, you just have to go to the right place.

We hope that these 6 things are on your mind next time you are planning a project. We don’t boast ourselves as the best because it makes us feel better-what makes us feel better is being the absolute best FOR YOU.