B E F O R E + A F T E R.


Definition: A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

At Kitchens and Windows Unlimited we take each and every remodel seriously. especially kitchen remodels.

Your space is just that, YOURS. Every detail is important in your project, expressing your style and individuality. From knob finishes to countertop choices, decisions shouldn’t be stressful! They should be exciting!

And what is more exciting than a good before & after?

This project below needed a major tune up, so first things first, they called us in. Granted, your space may not need as much work as these photos, but maybe it inspires you for your own spaces? Just when you think a space could be out of inspiration-you see the work done here!

Our designers got to work…

The contractor on this project was New Creations Carpentry.  All design work was done  by Jen Hakeman Interiors. 
PSSST: Stay tuned for a very exciting announcement from Jen Hakeman Interiors and Kitchens and Windows Unlimited!

drum roll please!

These beautiful cabinets are a painted (Pearl) cabinet from Koch cabinetry.

WHAT. A. TRANSFORMATION. What grabs your attention first?

The painted Pearl cabinets are not only one of the hottest colors trending right now, but the paint increases the durability and wear. (So many tidbits JUST like this that add to your customization options.)

Maybe you’re loving the granite countertops?

…Or the beautiful appliances and surrounding storage?

This space is ready for entertaining and dining ASAP! We had so much fun creating a kitchen that first and foremost comfortable, yet right on trend. A perfect mix of sophistication and style! What are your favorite parts of this kitchen? Are there any pieces you would change? Maybe your space is similar in style to this, but you had envision black cabinets. Or light quartz countertops.

In conclusion, possibilities within kitchen remodels are so customizable-the possibilities REALLY are unlimited. BUT, don’t get overwhelmed, come to KWUnlimited and let us help you begin to plan your dream space.